The name’s Dick and I’ve been in pest control my whole cottin-pickin’ life. I got me a bunch o’ custom weapons that’ll send those critters runnin’! Some call me crazy, some call me insane but I'll make sure those sons of biscuits regret steppin' in your swamp! So if you got a problem with pekish piranhas, angry ‘gators, or even a shark or two . . . Dick’s the guy to call!


The revolvers pack a serious punch but require a steady hand and a healthy amount of trigger discipline.

Paintball Guns

These babies are capable of spamming bursts of explosive paintballs, but keep your eyes on the pressure gauge.

Harpoon & Sawblade Rifles

These multipurpose problem solvers fire deadly harpoons at high speed and havoc inducing bursts of sawblades that skip across the water.

Nail Guns

These custom nail guns come with two full-auto firing modes: One for the trigger happy and one for the maniac.

Grenade & Missile Launcher

Few things beat the smell of exploded creatures in the morning. Trigger in one hand and a sophisticated chaos device in the other.

Electric Bow

A regular bow just didn't cut it. This shockingly effective piece of craftmanship brings the power of high voltage chain lightning to your fingertips.

Shotgun & Shield

The combination of a sturdy handcrafted shield and a one-handed multipurpose super shotgun is an odd one, but more importantly it is a terrifyingly effective one.